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A medical detox facility for treating drug and alcohol addiction

Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill provides professional, compassionate medical detox in the most comfortable setting possible, for all drug and alcohol dependencies. We'll get you detoxed and into rehab or treatment.

Sunrise Detox is dedicated to providing a positive, motivational, and medically comfortable detox experience for all of our guests. Our detox protocols were designed by our medical director and founder, who is a leader in the field of medically-supported detox. Our 24 hour nursing support and luxury accommodations (including gourmet meals) help you stay motivated and complete your treatment.

With Sunrise Detox, you'll get back to your new and improved life more quickly than you expect. That's our commitment to you: follow our program, keep an open mind, and we’ll do more than our part to get you well.

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Morgan Rossner, LAC, MA, NCC, Services Director

The Service Coordinator supports patients throughout detox, and helps identify aftercare programs that best fits individual circumstances.

Morgan earned a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Rider University, and worked within the mental health field before specializing in addiction, where she favors a holistic approach to addiction treatment.

Morgan identifies herself as a millennial, and strives to help others overcome addiction while reducing the social stigma associated with addiction and addiction treatment.

Morgan Rossner,LAC, MA, NCC, Services Director

Services Director Morgan Rossner, LAC, MA, NCC

Dana Fluck, RN, Director of Nursing

Dana Fluck, RN, worked as the charge nurse for an urgent care center before making the transition in substance abuse treatment with Sunrise Detox. She saw the need for helping a population at grave risk, that is often overlooked by the medical profession.

Dana witnessed the seriousness of our addiction crisis while attending in urgent care, and she saw her opportunity to help more people through the Sunrise Detox "Detox with Dignity" program.

Dana knows she made the right choice, every time she sees the light return in her patients’ eyes.

Dana Fluck, RN, Director of Nursing

Director of Nursing Dana Fluck

Aisha Jabber, LAC, MA, Counselor

Counselor, Aisha Jabbar, is a graduate of The College of New Jersey with masters degrees in English and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She is also a board member of the New Jersey Counseling Association, for whom she arranges counseling conferences around New Jersey.

Originally from South Brunswick, Aisha completed her addiction specialization in Portugal, where drug use has been decriminalized. Aisha studied the differences in treatment procedures between Portugal and the United States.

In treatment, Aisha strives to empower her patients, and help guide them towards path to better quality of life. She works to shows people their own inner strengths, including many they didn’t know they had, and helps them meet their goals.

Aisha Jabber, LAC, MA, Counselor

Counselor Aisha Jabber

Suzanne Cooley, Admissions Counselor

As Admissions Counselor, Suzanne manages the intake process for new patients, helps define and arrange for appropriate treatment plans, and helps patients set personal goals for their progress during their time as a guest at Sunrise Detox.

Suzanne graduated from Rutgers University (BA Psychology) and is a lifelong resident of New Jersey.

Suzanne Cooley, Admissions Counselor

Counselor Suzanne Cooley

Amanda Cheltenham, Admissions Counselor

Admissions Counselor, Amanda Cheltenham, chose to work in substance use treatment after seeing a close family member suffer from addiction. While attending Rowan College of Gloucester County, she chose to study Psychology, to better understand the inner workings of the mind, in order to better understand “the whole person”, not just what is evident from their struggles.

As Admissions Counselor, Amanda is one of the first faces you see when you visit Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill. Amanda strives to instill hope into every new patient; recovery is possible!

Amanda Cheltenham, Admissions Counselor

Counselor Amanda Cheltenham

Deltresa Smith, Administrative Assistant

Originally from England, Administrative Assistant, Deltressa Smith has lived all over the world including Italy and New York. She worked in substance use treatment since 2000, and has experienced alcoholism and addiction in her own family. Thankfully, she has also seen recovery.

Her witness of the path from daily struggle to successful recovery gives her hope that anyone who wants to can recover, when help is available.

Deltresa Smith, Administrative Assistant

Adm Assistant Deltressa Smith

Joseph Horrocks, Marketing Director

Joe knows that understanding the dynamics of substance use and abuse is key to understanding addiction treatment, and necessary for ensuring a successful recovery. The Sunrise expansion has been driven by need, first in response to Florida's prescription medication abuse crisis, and now following a transition from prescription opioids to heroin and other street drugs, especially in New Jersey.

Joseph Horrocks, Marketing Director

Marketing Director Joe Horrocks

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