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Our newest 20 bed substance abuse treatment center (medical detox center) in Cherry Hill, NJ opened in July of 2015, at a time when New Jersey is facing epidemic proportions of heroin and prescription pain killer addiction. Our Open House & Networking Event was Wednesday, July 15, 2015, and was a wonderful success despite challenging weather. Please visit the Open House page for more information and photos of the event.

Photos and additional information are available upon request. More information is highlighted below, including specific press contacts willing to provide additional information. Alternatively, call Sunrise Detox at (856) 795-0036

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Press Contact: Joseph Horrocks in NJ

Joe Horrocks is Director of Admissions for all of Sunrise Detox, and serves as Marketing Coordinator for 7 individual detox centers spanning 3 states. Joe witnesses hundreds of calls for help each day, and thousands of successful recovery starts each month, in the Sunrise Detox centers.

With rare access to real-time data on substance abuse, addiction, and treatment, including insurance industry activities, Joe Horrocks guides a premier team of professionals serving New Jersey, Florida, and Georgia. communities.

According to Joe, the dynamics of substance use and abuse is key to understanding addiction treatment. The Sunrise Detox expansion has been driven by need, first in response to Florida's prescription medication abuse crisis, and now following a transition from prescription opioids to heroin and other street drugs, especially in New Jersey.

joseph horrocks sunrise detox

Joseph Horrocks in New Jersey

Joseph Horrocks is Director of Admissions for Sunrise Detox, LLC. and can be reached at 561-228-4929

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