New Jersey Heroin Deaths - Latest Data (2014)

Heroin addiction is hitting all counties in New Jersey, as these new data reveal. Sunrise Detox has 3 full-service medical detox centers in New Jersey, offering state of the art, comfortable medical detox from drugs and alcohol.

Visual count of the lives lost to heroin in New
Jersey, in 2014 (by county). Click for larger graphic.

Latest Data Shows New Jersey Counties Suffering the Fatal Consequences of Heroin Abuse and Addiction

Each year the NJ State Medical Examiner's Office releases data for deaths and their attributed causes. We reported on the 2013 data recently, and now the 2014 data is available showing deaths that involved heroin, on a county by county basis.

Sunrise Detox has opened 2 new medical detox centers in New Jersey, to help stem the growth of heroin and prescription painkiller addiction, and to help reduce the trauma to New Jersey, including overdose deaths.There are now three separate Sunrise Detox full-sized medical detox centers in New Jersey.

We have translated the raw data from the New Jersey State Medical Examiner's Office into an easy to read visualization. Each life lost to heroin in 2014 is represented by a figure on the graph. We have lined up the counties in order, showing the scale of heroin's impact on New Jersey. We have color-coded the NJ map and the chart, to reflect the numbers : Camden County lost 93 individuals to death by heroin, and Hunterdon County lost 4.

The darkest regions of the map suffered the largest numbers of deaths attributed at least in part to heroin. Click on the graph to open the larger version, which is easily republished using the shown embed codes. If you publish a blog or website, you can help raise awareness of the impact heroin is having on New Jersey residents and their families.

Sunrise Detox Centers Treating Prescription Medicine Addiction (including pain killers), and Heroin Addiction

Sunrise Detox is a full-service medical detox center for the treatment of substance abuse and addiction. Each Sunrise Detox Center in New Jersey is fully accredited, certified, and approved for the treatment of alcohol addiction and alcoholism, drug abuse and drug addiction, and for managing the co-ocurring physical and mental disorders commonly associated with substance abuse and addiction.

Those facilities that have been open long enough to qualify for review by the highly-respected Joint Commission (Sunrise Detox Toms River and Sunrise Detox Stirling) have received the Joint Commission's highest endorsement: the Gold Seal of Approval.

Sunrise Detox Toms River, New Jersey : Serving all of New Jersey and those wishing to visit this state of the art detox center, Sunrise Detox Toms River is located in Toms River, off the Garden State Parkway (exit 82) near Lakewood Road. Sunrise Detox Toms River can enroll new inpatient guests (for residential detox before rehab) at any time, and will accept calls 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Call 888-443-3869

Sunrise Detox Stirling, New Jersey : Sunrise Detox Stirling is located in Long Hill Township, Morris County. Convenient to suburban Northern and Central New Jersey, Stirling is just minutes from Morristown, Berkeley Heights, Basking Ridge, and Bridgewater, just off Route 287 and Route 78. Sunrise Detox Stirling can accept new inpatient (in-residence) admissions 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Please call as soon as you are ready, to arrange for immediate help. Call 888-443-3869

Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill, New Jersey : This brand-new inpatient (residential) substance abuse treatment facility opened in 2015 just outside Philadelphia, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. A full-service medical detox, Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill can enroll new guests at the time they are ready to accept help - 24x7. Conveniently positioned between downtown Philadelphia and Atlantic City, Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill offers a quiet, professional and completely comfortable detox close to home and work, yet removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so detox can be accomplished in comfort. Call 888-443-3869

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