We Reveal The Best Tip for Surviving the Holidays

Many articles offer tips for staying sober during the holidays, but what about advice for those who are actively using and want to stay alive? For some, the best way to survive the holidays is to admit yourself into a detox center.

Check into Detox for the holidays. It might save your life.

We have gotten to know tens of thousands of individuals and families over the past 16 years, as we provided substance abuse treatment options in our 7 medical detox centers. Every year, without exception, interest spikes in the fall. This is true in New Jersey, Georgia, and Florida.

Each fall, some families fall into crisis, as some individuals lose control over their lives. Money runs out, consequences overwhelm us, some bosses and spouses get fed up and finally pull the plug, leaving addicts with little choice but clean up, or get out. By Thanksgiving and into Hanukkah and Christmas, demand for detox services has reached a peak.

Detox is the first step of substance abuse treatment. As many people have learned, the best place to get help formulating an appropriate treatment plan is inside a Sunrise Detox center.

Read our warning about deadly carfentanil.

This Year, things are A Bit Different : People are Dying

This year we have another, more sinister motivator nipping at the heels of those struggling with substance abuse: sudden accidental death by overdose. The number of sudden deaths has skyrocketed in just the past 12 months, in all of the states we monitor.

The immediate risks associated with uncontrollable drug use, (especially opioids, heroin, and cocaine), has never been higher. As we have highlighted previously, even a minute amount of a deadly substances like carfentanil, mixed into heroin or cocaine, will kill you. And these deadly chemicals are known to have been mixed into street drugs across America right now. They are indiscriminately killing people, unexpectedly.

Have a Happier Holiday this year, in detox.

Tips for Staying Sober, and Tips for Surviving the Holidays

The Internet is full of articles promising “Tips for Staying Sober during the Holidays”.

If the holidays are challenging for those who have managed to stay sober in recovery, imagine how much those same stressors push those who are still using, to use more? 

Imagine how many opioid addicts are pushed to do a little more, a little more often, or to try something new that may be deadly? How many who are close to using a needle, finally do it? How many will continue to use during this holiday, and die from sudden overdose?

Rather than publish yet another "N ways to Stay Sober this Holiday Season", we would like to highlight the one tip for surviving that few mention : check yourself into a detox center. It could save your life.

You Can Check in Right Now

At Sunrise Detox, we accept new admissions 24 hours per day, seven days a week, every day of the year. Even Christmas Day. Even New Year’s Eve. You can get in with just one phone call 856-795-0036

Not only can you get into a detox center right now, but you can get safely inside one of our award-winning (for quality and safety) detox centers for the holiday weekend.

Happy Holidays from Sunrise Detox

Holiday Spirit inside the Detox Center

Inside a Sunrise Detox during the holidays, you will discover top-tier living arrangements, on-site nursing care, supremely attentive technicians, and on-site certified counselors trained in our well-known "Detox with Dignity" program.

You will also enjoy some safe, non-judgmental holiday spirit within the facility, have access to festive holiday meals appropriate for the holidays, and witness a secure, confidential, and supportive environment suitable for starting a successful recovery.

Inside the detox center, we will protect your privacy, keep you safe from outside influences, and get you the medical care you need to avoid the discomfort of withdrawal.

You will know that not only are you safe, but your family and loved ones are safe from the additional trauma that might have come from experiencing an overdose crisis during the holidays.

Save a Life: Check into Detox

One of the best-kept secrets to surviving the holidays? Check into a detox. You can do it today with just a phone call. Our expert admissions advisors will help with everything else: insurance, transportation, whatever helps get you in while you are willing to start.

Call us 856-795-0036 or toll-free at (888) 443-3869



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