New Jersey Heroin Overdose Rate 3X National Average

Alarming statistics from the CDC on heroin overdose rates are much lower than New Jersey's own heroin death rates.
The latest data from 2013 shows NJ at 3 times the natinal average rate of
heroin overdose per 100,000 people.

CDC Data is Alarming but New Jersey Data Far Worse!

Everyone is reading the latest report on heroin addiction and overdose from the Centers for Disease Control, which shows that the rate of heroin overdose has quadrupled in the US over the past 10 years. Between 2003 and 2013 (the latest data used by the CDC in their analysis) heroin use has grown at a tremendous rate, leading to four times as many deaths from overdose per year.

In New Jersey, we know things are even worse than that. In 2010 New Jersey moved up from 41st on the list of states suffering drug overdose deaths, to 18th.  In 2014, there were over 700 deaths from heroin overdose alone, according to a special Governor's investigative report. New Jersey and Pennsylvania lead the nation in growth of drug overdose deaths, including heroin.

Camden County Suffers Most Heroin Deaths in 2014

According to NJ state statistics on drug overdoses, Camden County, New Jersey suffered the most in 2014, with 89 overdoses, a 36 percent increase over the prior year. Camden County was far ahead of the next highest county, Middlesex, which recorded 71. Camden County made world headlines in June, when it witnessed 32 heroin overdoses in a single week. Twenty-eight of those resulted in death.

Heroin Addiction Treatment is Available in Camden County

New Jersey has struggled to provide adequate treatment for heroin addiction, especially in the Camden County region. The number of available treatment facilities, and the dedication of those facilities to heroin treatment, has not been able to keep up with the rapidly-expanding demand for heroin addiction treatment.

Sunrise Detox opening in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Sunrise Detox, a national leader in medical detox for drug addiction (including heroin addiction), already operates two residential detox centers located in Stirling NJ (Morris County) and Toms River (Ocean County), and is opening a new treatment center in Cherry Hill, in the center of Camden County.

Praesum Healthcare also established 4 outpatient substance abuse treatment centers in New Jersey, providing Intensive Outpatient Therapy and counseling for those who have completed detox, those in early recovery, and those needing continuing rehab counseling on an outpatient basis.

Treatment Starts with a Medical Detox

Treatment for drug addiction starts with medical detox, a carefully-regulated medical procedure that controls the discomfort of withdrawal, and clears the blood stream and body of the drugs over a period of several days. Once free of the influence of the drugs, a recovering drug user is counseled and guided into an appropriate rehab program, which may be a residential drug treatment program or may be a local outpatient treatment program.

Detox with Dignity in Cherry Hill

The Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill treatment center brings the first "Detox with Dignity" program into the Camden County and suburban Philadelphia regions. By providing professional, medical detox in a quiet, comfortable setting, Sunrise Detox staff are able to remove many of the stresses associated with breaking free of addiction, while providing 100% support for individuals working their way through the very first stage of detox. This increases compliance, and fully engages the individual into their own treatment program, helping to ensure completion and continuance into a rehab or long term treatment program.

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