HARP Heroin Treatment Program in NJ

A new program called HARP in South Jersey aims to move heroin addicts into treatment, free of the risk of prosecution for illegal possession and other charges.

From the "For Your Awareness" department, there is a new program in South Jersey (Ocean County) that aims to offer heroin addicts a public option for getting help through the police department. This innovative new approach, supported by two local police chiefs in the region, opens the police department at scheduled times so that heroin addicts can come in for help, free of worry about being charged or jailed (for possession of other infractions).

The goal is to get help to those who need it, when they are willing to accept it -- a Sunrise Detox core principle. Sunrise Detox is a private medical detox center, but applauds the leadership behind this program.

Read more about the HAARP program.

by CherryHillDetox on April 13, 2017, 11:51 a.m.


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