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Cherry Hill Detox Blog is from Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill, a medical detox center dedicated to the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, and the co-ocurring disorders commonly associated with substance abuse.

We Reveal The Best Tip for Surviving the Holidays

Many articles offer tips for staying sober during the holidays, but what about advice for those who are actively using and want to stay alive? For some, the best way to survive the holidays is to admit yourself into a detox center.

Rather than publish yet another "N ways to Stay Sober this Holiday Season", we would like to highlight the one tip for surviving that few mention : check yourself into a detox center. It could save your life

One More Drug Collection Day in 2017

Drug Take Back days are an important part of addiction prevention, because they remove drugs that can otherwise end up in the wrong hands.

The final day of collections for unwanted medications in New Jersey is October 28, 2017. Read more about National Drug Take-Back Day in New Jersey.

Drug Take-Back Day is Saturday, April 29th

Sunrise Detox encourages you to take advantage of Drug Take Back Day, to properly dispose of unused and unneeded prescription medications at drop-off locations throughout the Cherry Hill region.

Disposing of old or unused medications is a great way to help to prevent abuse in your community, and Drug Take Back Day comes just once per year!

HARP Heroin Treatment Program in NJ

A new program called HARP in South Jersey aims to move heroin addicts into treatment, free of the risk of prosecution for illegal possession and other charges.

It used to be heroin possession was a felony, that would get you arrested. Now, a new program called HAARP aims to move heroin addicts reporting to police stations into treatment instead of jail.

Have you Seen the Open House Photo Gallery?

The Open House photo gallery is online for viewing.

Our Open House Photo Gallery is online for viewing, and includes some wonderful photos of Philadelphia and New Jersey treatment industry professionals.