Drug Treatment in NJ starts with a Medical Detox at Sunrise Detox

Medically-supervised "Detox with Dignity" is now available in Cherry Hill, NJ

The most common barrier to getting started with drug treatment is fear of the pain and discomfort associated with withdrawal. Fear not! Sunrise Detox provides the most comfortable experience available in our "Detox with Dignity" program.

Whether it's prescription drugs, opiates and opioids, heroin, or combinations of drugs and alcohol, we use modern medical protocols to manage the discomfort of withdrawal and provide a safe, comfortable "Detox with Dignity" in our Cherry Hill residential detox center.

Suboxone and Subutex issues, including "allergies" and sensitivities, are handled with expertly and with compassion. Co-occurring disorders commonly associated with addiction and substance abuse are managed on-site, by our professional, experienced staff of Certified Counselors, supported by medical and nursing staff. Counselors are on-site, with a variety of meetings held most evenings inside the facility.

We can arrange treatment for you when you need it, utlizing our additional centers in Toms River (Ocean County) and Stirling (Morris County), or via one of over 850 treatment centers that have trusted Sunrise Detox to care for their own patients.